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Hi There!

I am a recently graduated graphic designer with an interest in branding design and marketing. 

I think there is such beauty in visual communication. You can tell a story or send a message without saying anything at all. I often choose certain brands in my own purchases, purely based on packaging. From the typefaces to the colors and visual elements, they all provide a brand identity. Does the product appear luxurious, does it appear fun and inviting? A brand is dependent on these visual aspects to get across the message they want to send. This is where I specialize. As a designer with a dual emphasis in marketing and graphic design, I understand marketing strategy and implement that into my designs. I can create content that is effective in expressing a unique brand identity and helps work towards a marketing goal. I look forward to sharing my perspective in the design field!


Missouri State University 

Work Experience 

Missouri State College of Business

Student Graphic Designer | June 2021 - 22

Down Town Springfield Association

Graphic Design Intern | Jan 2022 - May 2022

Jessie Shepherd for State Representative 

Freelance Graphic Designer | June 2020 - Current

Epsilon Sigma Alpha Service Orginization

Freelance Graphic Designer | Jan 2022 - Current

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